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Arcane Bullshit

PREORDER: Tiny Town Ephemera Bundle

PREORDER: Tiny Town Ephemera Bundle

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Heads up! This is a PREORDER item. These will ship in May 2024! If you order other stuff along with the ephemera pack, everything will ship together in May.


If you just can't get enough of not looking at things, you are going to love not looking at this lovingly-curated packet of paper artifacts from the worst town on earth. The Tiny Town Ephemera Bundle features SIXTEEN original little scraps of evidence, each more confusing and unnecessary than the last. You can really NOT dig into Tiny Town lore as you completely ignore and disregard items such as:

* Business cards
* Flyers
* Menus
* Religious Propaganda
* Driver's Licenses
* Ticket Stubs

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