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Arcane Bullshit

PREORDER: "Stop Looking At My Tiny Town" Real Book Edition

PREORDER: "Stop Looking At My Tiny Town" Real Book Edition

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Heads up! This is a PREORDER item. The preorder is now OVER. If you preordered a copy, your entire order will ship in late may/early June. If you want to order a book, hang tight! Regular ordering will commence later this summer.


Stop Looking at My Tiny Town is my first ever book! It began as a small, gentle meme, with an innocent 3-4 pictures, and (through a series of violent and awkward identity crises) evolved into a 64-page book. I don't know if you count the cover when you are counting pages, but I did. It's 62 if you don't count the cover, but I think this is the kind of substantial cover which should impact the page count.

As you move through the book's pages, you'll receive information which will stimulate thoughts and feelings and eventually create an idea/picture in your mind about a very bad and horrible town. The book doesn't really have a narrative structure which creates a sense of catharsis as your expectations and desires are rhythmically massaged toward resolution. It is more of just a single joke repeated over and over for just a little too long. But I think you'll like it anyway. There are pictures. And townsfolk. Not too many. Just the right amount of townsfolk.

The Real Book Edition is a real book, with all the tangible, material qualities of a book. It's printed in black ink on white paper, with a lovely hard cover and a super special laminated effect on the front cover. You will certainly agree that this is a real book.

Also, I should mention, you are NOT ALLOWED to look at this book. It is STRICTLY not permitted. I will be INCENSED! FUMING! if I find out that you have so much as darted your sneaky eyeballs in the direction of this book. You should buy it though. Buying it is ok. Just no looking.

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