Harness The Power of Bullshit.

Arcane Bullshit is a completely serious and functional fotune-telling card deck. It was forged in the crucible of eternal mysterious awesomeness and is a direct conduit to forgotten realms of reality-bending Bullshit.

The Arcane Bullshit oracle deck features:

  • Original illustrations
  • Ultimate mystical power!
  • Irony!

Expand your Bullshit.

Arcane Bullshit has an expansion! If you purchased the 50-card deck from The Game Crafter, there’s a 30-card expansion available! These cursed images from beyond the veil of sanity will unlock new realms of Bullshit.

Mobilize your Bullshit.

Want to use your phone to commune with the ancient spirits of Bullshit? There’s an app for that! Check out the Arcane Bullshit app for Android.

WARNING: Use of Arcane Bullshit is not recommended for clerics, bishops, sapient dolls, anyone born before 1960, nieces, recent grads, cherubs, or non-virgins. Consult a physician immediately if you experience mind-rending hallucinations lasting longer than 6 hours, or your fingernails turn into soap.
For best results, set up a wicker tent in your den, home office, or wherever dark and unspeakable rites are performed. Consecrate the tent with koala tears and vermouth. Kneel on a balsa rod for no more than 66 seconds. Do not attempt to use Arcane Bullshit without a level 36 ectoplasmic shield, and a 4″ brass toad. Ages 9 and up.